Saturday, July 25, 2020

Traditional vs. Unconventional Authors & Readers

There are two types of books and two types of readers:

The first is the traditional type that gets the warm fuzzy feels for perfectly composed paragraphs, indentations calculated right down to the millimeter, safe story lines and slap-happy phrases that don’t take readers too far from their comfort zone… you know, the conventional writing style that “goes by the book” (pun intended). It allows readers to sip their tea and set the cruise control button for an enjoyable and relaxing ride on a smooth surface with no bumps, spills, or unwanted surprises – a vacation.

And then there is the “other” type – the ones that makes traditional readers slap an author’s wrist… the ones your Grandma warned you about...

…the rebel, nonconformist, break-all-the-writing-rules novels written by authors who would rather eat Jellied Moose Nose than play the game of follow-the-leader. Unapologetic novels that laugh in the face of conventionality. From chapter-1 they want readers to slam the brakes, say “what the f***”, their heads spinning until they stop and realize they’re reading a finely contrived piece of art and begin to savor its originality – that is, if they’re daring enough to take on something so deviant. Yes, those books that are riddled with controversy or concepts outside societal norms, or maybe they have a unique writing style that bewilders some readers but other readers find "unique" and "refreshing." Or how about those books that are criticized for being categorized as a "romance novel" just because the author has no qualms that lovers can both love and lust for each other with sexual desires that borderline savage?

Thus, if you're the rebel nonconformist type, don't go cuckoo over traditional types who don't understand you. They don't understand you either. To each their own, right? So how do you connect with like-minded authors and readers? I'm still trying to figure that out, but I'm on a mission and will Blog about it when I do. So stay tuned...